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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Murray 1200 Day 3

Cockpit setup for

kilometres of straight roads heading into Dingee.

Bike light at end of handlebars

Train pulls into Dingee. Its pronounced Dinghy as in the boat, not dinjy as in gloomy and drab.

Prairee where I rested for a while. Just a crossroads in the Mallee but a solar farm is due to be located nearby

Traffic in Prairie


Mitiamo Store

Mitiamo Store

Mitiamo Servo is in the back garden of the store.

Durrham Ox. I think this is a fire shelter. Anyway, it was breezy and cool and I had a quick snooze there before ploughing on to Boort. Its about 20m from the highway and you get trucks using their engine brakes right next to you. This sounds like when the howling banshee from the east met the crazy witch from the west and they had a BIG jam session on untuned instruments.

Empty road but good tailwind West of Boort

Coming into ........


And dusk near the 30m summit of Wycheproof.

Day 3

Day 3 of the Murray 1200 was "only" 261 km, but having got in at 4:20am left last at about 8am.  This is like getting up at 2pm in the real world, a bit late to get stuff done.....  Anyway I was behind everybody all day and slightly tired but there was a good tailwind at the start. I had made Boort by 4pm with only 140 to go. You just have to suck it up and get on with it.  At Wycheproof I had some dinner at the pub, then ploughed on through Birchip to Warracknabeal. Had one front puncture along the way but being on a quiet road had no problems fixing it.

Front lights were very low battery by Warracknabeal, but I actually didn't mind this sort of technical problem. It took the mind off the very slow count-down of kilometres that would otherwise occur. So I just got on with riding but was never happier than when I hit the right turn sign with Warracknabeal only 2k away. 2:20 am at the checkpoint this time!  I was well fed by Simon and then toddled off to bed, doing the right thing by plugging in all the rechargeable do-dahs. Next post follows here .

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