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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Unique Bike Repair

Printing on the Predator 3d delta printer.

Screenshot of Cura, a software for sending stl files to 3d printers

Old (orange / grey) and new (white) spacers for trike during installation. The bolts with round heads are this sort of thing which came from a table on hard rubbish,

The whole back trike half

All together, and squeaks a bit less.  The parts have been in the frame since 2018 when I blogged about them.

For the weeks, I have been riding my trike a lot in hills as training, including a 200k Audax ride. The bottom bracket area has been squeaking and also waggling, and I diagnosed worn plastic spacers in the frame.  No problem, I printed some more and put them in the bike today.  I plan to put the whole trike design on thingiverse in stages, and will start have started with the set of 4 printed spacers.

So now no waggling, but still a bit creaky, I will tighten things up a bit and see if I can get a better result. Next post follows here .


Steve Nurse

Update, March 4, 2020

I did a bit more work on the trike this morning, and managed to remove a bit of creaking. I tightened the bottom bracket shell and put rubber washers under the bolts holding the frame together. And its a bit better! Regards

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