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Monday, September 24, 2018

New trike part 4

Graham Signorini and my wife Christine last night, amongst the other stuff on the table is the front part of the frame.

First thing this morning I printed this part, a catchplate for the spacer set.

Here are all the spacer parts & catchplates.

front frame profile complete

Cutting rear frame.....

All together, not much more to go on the frame.

Hi, since I wrote last time , I have progressed quite well on the trike frame, finishing the design of and 3d printing a full set of spacers which keep the 2 frame halves apart, cutting the main frame, and fitting the frame halves together.  There is one set of holes to go on the front for a bearing crush bar, and 2 sets on the back for bearings and crush bar. After that its done.

Quite pleased with the results, time will tell whether the reduced front frame size and spacer size will feel wobbly.  More soon, a days work should see the frame and wheels finishesd, the main task after that will be the seat.

Note: older larger versions of the front frame are shown here and here

Continued here

Regards  Steve Nurse 

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