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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Frame Spacers

Plan of bike showing spacers

Old spacers were falling apart a bit.

Didn't fully understand this printing software screen before, but I now understand it a bit better.  Bottom right of the 8 print settings is 99% fill which is the one I wanted. 

Pair of prints from the machine.
Full Printer Setup.

Spacers fitted to back of bike.


After a few months, the trike frame spacers I printed and glued together at home have been falling apart, and while I really don't mind that, its not something I would want to inflict on anyone else in terms of calling it a finished design.  For almost a year, I didn't think my Cetus printer could print solid parts, ie I thought there would always be some sort of hollowing out to save material and printing material.  It was bugging me a bit and when I got around to it, I asked the Cetus 3d printer Facebook Group what may have been a dumb question.

And I got some good answers quite quickly, yes, you can print solids, and I was just being a bit of a dumb-ass and not understaning the user interface.  So the new parts with the new higher density and from new material came off the printer very quickly.   I fitted them, and they were a bit oversize and the 2 trike halves were hard to fit together, but after attacking them with a file, the fit became much better. Adn hopefully they will last.


Steve Nurse

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