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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Aki's Barbecue 2018

Hi, A few weeks ago, my wife Christine and I went over to the park near Aki's place for a barbecue.  I had been there same place, same time, different year, last year when he had students from the hostel where he works over.  This year it was a bit quieter, and Aki didn't bring out quite so many of his bikes, but he did drag out some of his skatebikes recently purchased for $10.00 each. Anyway, George and Graham came along, and we all brought our own bikes to try, and Aki had his "previously unrideable" Flevobike which he is now coming to terms with.  Anyway, things went well but at one stage I fell off the Flevo in a fairly undignified way, bending my leg backwards and banging my head.

After lunch (sausages on sticks, barbecued sliced pumpkin, cheese and biscuits) we all went to the nearby basketball courts, had a few races on the skatebikes and tried out George's vintage Linear and Graham's Xtreme, as well as demonstrating the nifty 2 speed automatic gearbox on my Peugeot.  Aki tried on my helmet and was impressed by the mirror function. 

I still had one of the original mirror helmets I'd made at home, I am the world's worst salesman for my own inventions, but the helmet mirror has now reached some sort of tipping point as I donated the original helmet and a few spare mirrors to Aki and there are now 2 users on the planet. 

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