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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Velocino Continued

Almost finished, this is with the handlebars folded.

First Mission included retrieving a teapot from a junk pile

Overloaded Recumbent

Cleaning up the drill press

Ceres metal, .....

bike tube and bike tyre recycling. Woohoo!
Hi, in the last few days I have fixed up the Velocino and had it on the road for a short test run this afternoon.  This included custom 3d printing a light enclosure and using it to plug the front frame tube. It goes quite well, and I think the above seat steering does a good job, allowing me to lean forward on the handlebars for improved aerodynamics, but its not quite classic Velocino . There is still quite a bit I can do with this bike which is quite fun to ride.  I should be able to make a wooden chainguard and have been working out how to make that in my head.

In other news I visited the Ceres bike shed where they have recycling facilities for bike tyres, and donated a drill press I had bought in Germany in about 1987 to the Wecycle bike shed.  I initially attempted to haul the drill to Wecycle by trike but I only lasted 2 streets before having to return home tail between my legs having broken the tailbox with all the weight.  No permanent damage done I hope.

Regards  Steve Nurse 

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