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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


As at least night...

Fossicking for parts, I used the top stem shown here....

to make this thing, a holder to keep 2 tubes parallel.  Here it is jigged with a couple of extra parts to ensure its lined up before brazing.

End of the day, the handlebars are only sitting in place, but its quite close.

Front view

Handlebar folded which is.....

a copy of this bike which I made and sold in 2012 . It had an ex moulton 2-speed kick back gear.

Lights and 3d printed end stoppers on my recumbent, I plan to make similar for the Velocino.
Hi, not much to say here.  I looked up my old blog posts to work out what I'd done with the handlebars of my old Panasonic folder. Regards

Steve Nurse

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