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Sunday, August 19, 2018

New Bike Part 1

One of my current trikes with the new fork and front wheel next to it. The lower fork height (green lines) means the new bike will be a bit lower than the old one. I'm interested in getting a 3d printed version of the part squiggled in blue, see photos below.
The stripped Byk Frame.

Clean swap for an 8 speed 40t Sunrace cassette from the old 32t largest cog one supplied on the Byk.
Byk front wheel and forks.
Spreading the fork to take the wider rear wheel, a couple of round tubes slipped over the fork legs add leverage.
Back wheel fits nicely.
Oyama frame and front wheel
A bit of a start I had made on the steerer, here is some detail,

..... and here is the whole thing.
Frames side by side,

..... and another view.
Steel frame weight.

Alu frame weight.
Sketch for discussion with parts supplier. This is the steerer tube and bottom bracket casting, its equivalent is squiggled in blue in the top photo and seen.....

top right in this photo. The new front fork will make the new bike a bit lower (and faster, woohoo) than the old one. 

Trying some steerer tube bearing parts on the steel frame bottom bracket - they seem to fit ok and the steerer bearings should make things a bit lighter compared to bottom bracket bearings.


Over the last few days I have been working on a new bike, as started in my last post. I've been taking apart the Byk bike, and gradually pottering around and planning with the pieces, seeing if they will fit together with other pieces, dragging bits out of the shed and doing the occasional bit of modification.  I came across a 20" folding bike frame and got that out.

Its interesting to compared the Byk frame to the red folding Oyama.  The Byk is aluminium, and weighs about 1/2 as much as the steel Oyama. But the Oyama folds, is slightly bigger to suit adults, and I can weld and bend steel, so do a bit more with the Oyama.  The plan is to saw a frame and use the rear triangle on a new bike and add rear suspension. This is like some bikes I built a while ago.

A few engineers I used to work with make machines which 3d print aluminium, and I went to see them in Dandenong on Thursday.  Its possible I will be able to get some parts from them, so that's a bit exciting too.  Very happy with progress sofar! Continued here

Till next time, Regards

Steve Nurse

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