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Monday, August 6, 2018

Mural Ride

Leaning trike as transport mural
Recumbent and electric bike mob in St. Kilda, Glen's new Trisled trike in red.
My trike and an admirer
Waiting for the punt to Williamstown in Port Melbourne.
Punt pier, Dale centre with horns on helmet.
Detail of the real, big-ass transport mural from one of the better viewpoints.
Viewing not quite so good from other positions

A few weeks ago, the combined talents of my wife Christine and I made some "classic transport" panels for my best bike, and I rode it to World Bike Day soon after.  I showed my friend Simon Watt a few pics of it, and he said it reminded him of the Southern Cross Station Transport Mural.  Although I'd seen that mural quite a while ago when the station was still called Spencer Street, I thought I'd try and track it down again just for the hell of it. 

A quick look on the internet revealed its current location, and a "Be Spon" ride came up that could land me in the general area of the station, so yesterday morning I headed off for the ride to St Kilda, met up with friends there, then visited the transport mural on the way home.  I did a bit of a blocky to find the Outlet Centre where the mural is, but was not to be discouraged and eventually found it right in the station building. 

The mural is right up one end, and you have to look up, and through various lights, shop ads and other paraphenalia, and you only see bits of it from each of 3 or 4 shops. However, I can now say: * It is there, * I have seen it, and  * My own rolling transport mural got relatively close. * Nice to catch up with Glen, Dale and a few others on the ride.


Steve Nurse

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