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Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Birthday Ride

A bike park rack designed by my supervisor, Robbie.

He has asked for feedback on the facility.

Newly completed facilities at the (empty) Hawthorn Bike track. An international bike day celebration is planned for tomorrow though, should be a bit busier.

Some new panels under construction for my bike which I will use tomorrow: "Classic Transport" is the name of the fabric and

........   its definitely Australian, this is a Holden FJ Ute.

Timber template for panels, I tried to leave a 25mm margin all round.

My wife Christine on sewing duty, I earned the 100k Audax badge on this ride. 

Panels covering corflute and ready to be clipped on to the trike.
Probably the next set of panels I will do will be from blue t-shirts and a flyer from BFF (Bicycle film festival) 2009.
Hi, Wednesday was my birthday (58) and I know commiserations are due, but honestly, I don't feel a day over 80! Actually I feel a lot better than that and I'll just keep on ignoring my age in years for as long as I can.

So on Wednesday I needed to return a computer on loan to me from Monash Uni, and I did that, parking at a bike rack my Master's degree supervisor had designed.  Since then, on and off I have been working with my wife Christine on some new panels for the side of my trike to be ready for a short ride to International Bike Day Celebrations on Sunday.  No, I did not make this up.  Will report on Sunday's ride but all for now!


Steve Nurse

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