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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Yet Another Recumbent Bike Pedal Hack

The plan, I do this sort of sketch before making a printed part

How it looks from the front
The grammage damage, old pedal plastic about 30g, new pedal plastic about 20g, pedal itself about 190g

How it looks from behind.

Pedals are for this beastie, a trike originally belonging to Eric Butcher but passed on to Simon Watt and now in my care.

I have made another pair of reflector holders for a recumbent, this time I bought some pedals from Mike Wa and 3d printed the full reflector mounts. This is unlike my last efforts when I printed none and only a little bit of the surround. This design uses the reflector inserts from the original pedals.

I've been thinking a bit about whether recumbent bike pedals with reflectors as would work as a product, and I reckon , well maybe!  There is recumbent specific clothing, but maybe recumbent specific pedals would have to cover a lot of bases to sell well, by providing clip in reflector pedals for recumbents, heal support for recumbents, clip in reflector pedals for uprights and platform reflector pedals for uprights all in the one package. Here is a page from a new supplier in Queensland, but they don't mention bike shoes and clipless pedals.

Kervelo are doing that sort of thing, increasing their potential for sales and possible commercial success by putting their gearbox design in both upright (standard bottom bracket position) and recumbent (front wheel drive, in-hub gearbox) bikes.


Steve Nurse

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