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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

World Bike Day 2018

At Batman Park before leaving, had a bit of time before Mick and James arrived to take a timer-shot selfie or two.

Mike and James at Batman Park

Camberwell market, near where I'd grown up in Hawthorn East.  As I related to Mick and James, I'd visited this market as a kid when.....

"Mrs. Stay-put" (Mary-Ann Campigli) held out against developers, refusing to sell her property and let it become a car-park.
The hustle, the bustle. (A bit busier than a few days earlier, anyway)  A brace of Brompton riders gather at the Hawthorn Bike track for World Bike Day.

A few friends at the track, left to right Graham Signorini, Peter Signorini, Adrian Cox

Robert Patterson with his homebuilt tour easy.  Robert has made a string of recumbents from plans and now has an electric recumbent as well as this one. He had ridden on early Melbourne ozhpv rides, see photos below. 

Glenn (at right in orange helmet) and his Greenspeed trike

Part of the festivities, 1920's track bike v. Penny farthing race.

Robert Patterson.  Helmet free is one of his things these days.

Robert, the winner!  This was shortly after the collapse of the blow up finish-line.....thing.

James and Mike, my bike centre of velodrome.
Circa 1998 on Warburton-Lilydale trail, Robert Patterson centre in yellow helmet......

on his lurid Pink homemade Thunderbolt Trike......

here, Paul Sims of Greenspeed checks it out.

Sunday was World Bike Day and I spent it with new friends Mick and James at Batman park where we all volunteer for Wecycle .  We rode over to near where I grew up in Hawthorn for visits to the Camberwell market. (Still a few bargains to be had, bit of construction has gone on) and World Bike Day Celebrations at the Hawthorn Velodrome.  Here are some photos, as well as the new ones, I dragged out some old ones from Google image search and my film photo archive in the blue box under the bed.

Thanks to Bicycle Network for the organising and fun day out, and to ride companions Mike and James.


Steve Nurse

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