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Saturday, August 25, 2018

New Bike Part 2

Sawing off the fork lugs.  They were welded in, not brazed, so just heating them up wouldn't have done the job.

Lug removed

New lugs in place

Sawed up Oyama frame.  I decided not to use these parts straight away and make a trike instead, so these bits will go to the recyclers or storage.

Jigging the new lugs so they can be brazed in the right position.

Estimating the V-brake position.

V-brake jigging and checking allignment with dividers

Nasty surprise in the Byk back wheel, the rim tape was soft rubber and not suitable for the hollow rim, the tube was close to puncturing through bulging into the hollow rim.

Trendy Tokyo Bikes in Fitzroy,

.......  and nearby Anchor BMX where I went in search of 451 wheels, tyres and tubes.

Forks and other bits.......

During the painting process.
Hi, I've been progressing with the bike a bit, there are a few photos above.  I scouted out a few likely places for 451 tyres, tubes and wheels without immediate success, but really just wanted an excuse to get out and ride on a very nice first day of spring type day.  Anyway, I did come back with black spray paint and have been finishing off the forks and steerer for the trike (decided to make a trike instead of a bike) as well as spraying the front part of the Velocino. Continued here


Steve Nurse

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