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Friday, September 28, 2018

New trike part 7

Frame and wheels done.

Borrowed seat on board, this was to check the steerer length and height. I was contemplating using the fibreglass seat shown in the foreground as trialled on this speedy version,  but opted against it, and am doing a switcheroo to use one of my own, nc routed timber seat instead.



75mm unicycle cranks for rear wheels.

Custom crankset unmodified.

Setting up to drill and tap the chainring for the extra inside chainguard.

Attaching the extra guard.

Now with added bling.

Anther "custom" chainring on a trike out the front. Suspect these things are breeding in my shed.

Last post here

Hi, Today (day-before-grand-final-day-holiday-in-Melbourne) I have been working on my trike again, gradually wrangling it into a rideable state.  The basics of the frame and forks and wheels are done, and now I'm connecting up the chain and cables, making an extra chainguard for the crankset and organising the seat.  I quite like the clean look of the 165mm "Custom" branded crankset I used for initial setup, and added and inside chain guard to it today by drilling and tapping into the chainring itself and bolting on a guard I found in the shed.  Not content with that, having decided to make orange a feature colour of the trike (reflectors are orange and its the colour in my 3d printer) I blinged out the crankset with some 3d printed orange dots. Because I can.

Continued here.


Steve Nurse

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