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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New trike part 5

Holesawing main frame, faraway, and


Front frame and orange 3d printed separators and backing plates on rear frame.

Frame all assembed by day....

and by night complete with gaskets and bottom bracket bearings.
YST bottom bracket bearing and fibreglass crush bar inside rear frame.

Hi, here is today's progress on the trike frame.  Yesterday I had mostly finished the front part, and today I did finish it, putting a fibreglass / recycled tent frame crush bar across the inside of the tube so tightening the bottom bracket doesn't crush the aluminium rhs.  I repeated the feature on the main frame as well, and holesawed bearing casting holes in the main frame too.  From an old bike tube I made gaskets for between the 4 bearing castings and the frame.  So the frames all done and ready to take other trike parts.

Will report again soon.


Steve Nurse

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