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Saturday, September 29, 2018

New trike part 8

My wife Christine's......

brother Tom came over.....go West Coast!
Seat refurb.  The part on top is a crushbar stopping the lower part of the seat from destroying itself as provided in the NC routed seat kit I designed.

After a blocky.

Bits of bling and the Aheadset.
Orange bling at the front.


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Today, my wife Christine's brother Tom came over and we all watched parts of the AFL grand final.  West Coast played really well, and overtook Collingwood despite Collingwood having a 5 goal lead early on.  I was working on my trikes, refurbing an old-design, heavy but still good tailbox so it can be used on one of my trikes that's on the road at the moment, so I can steal its tailbox to use on the new trike.

I between making the new bike and watching the TV, I was able to print some more orange bling, this time a pair of highlight rings for the front bottom bracket bolts.  There are actually 6 of these bolts, and I hope to bling them all eventually!

Anyway, I had the trike up off the ground, tuned the brakes, then put on the seat and at around 6pm did my first blocky on it.  First impressions were very good but the headset was coming loose and I still need to work on that a bit.

(Continued here)

Rest in Peace my aunt Lorna Baulch, a life well lived.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

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