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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Murray 1200 pics: Day1

Arriving at Robinvale

Pete and Richard, Robinvale

Kookaburra, Robinvale

Pizza Pre-ride

Glyde velomobile

Reflecto at the start

Simon in non reflectos

Dawn on the road

Sunrise into Balranald

The mob trail behind during a puncture fix.

Mob trailling behind

Going again!  Too fast for me.


Tiffany (injured) Pete (relaxing) Alex (Lantern rouge, or last on the course)

Managing a reasonable speed into headwinds with Alex

Long Shadows into Denniliquin

Day 1, Murray 1200

After an uneventful drive up to Robinvale I settled in fairly well into the cabin we had booked and was able to greet a few organisers and riders. After a big dinner from Pizza Pi (1300 314159) we were off to bed 9ish for an early departure,

Up, ready, fed and on bikes by 5am, we managed to settle into a bunch that lasted all the way to Balranald, about 80k away.  I dropped off the back to have a pee and couldn't get back on the bunch but was still within sight of them at Balranald.  I didn't stop in Balranald but had a break by the side of the road a few k on. Possibly not wise!

Anyway the turn 3k out of Balranald was into a strong, unavoidable headwind, someething that lasted all the way to Deniliquin about 190k ahead.  For some of the early part of that riding I was with a supporting bunch, but they were ahead of me until Moulamein and stayed ahead after that.

Lunch break was Moulamein. At this point you have to strap yourself in and be committed to 90k of headwinds.  It was hard work, but Alex from Sydney came up from behind (he was last on the course) suggesting we share the work of riding which we did most of the way to the destination at Jerilderie.  This was worth it! Every stretch varied a bit but the wind was dust-whipping strong at times.

We had a very welcome stop way out in the bush with Pete and Tiffany (who had dropped out due to injury) supplying us with drinks and food. My chain had been creakingly dry, and Pete lubed it, Alex had run over road kill and damaged a disc brake, but soon all that was fixed and we were on our way.

A few k's further on we picked up Simon into our bunch and we rolled on together.  By Deniliquin, I was pretty tired, and Alex was slowing down due to lack of energy.  I stopped at a big roundabout while Simon went ahead looking for food. Alex caught up soon and guided him to Mcdonalds where we stopped for a break and meal.

Everybody's fitness was much improved after that.  We had a blessed tailwind into Conargo, then turned right for Jerilderie. My light batteries were running low at this stage, and I stuck with Simon all the way, getting into Jerilderie at 2am.  Off to bed!Next day follows here .

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