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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Mule Train Part 3

Making parts ......

for the load platform.

A test run to Ceres.

Raleigh Medale at WeCycle.

Ricardo at WeCycle

Painting metal parts, this photo shows the origin on one of the pieces,

left over pieces from a clothesline built in the back garden several years ago.

With load carrying frame....

and platform added......

and milk crate.
A few velcro straps were added, 1 keeps the steel frame snug on the bike, and 2 & 3 protect the fork when it rubs up against the main beam.

Front view.

A sculpture of a bird made out of an old hand spokeshave.

Chris, Sam and Irmi discuss things in the kitchen.
Hi, over the last few days I have been finishing my Mule Train Bike, started here and continued on here.  The whole thing is a conversion of a Victoria separating bike or 24" Klapprad.  Over the last few days, I've taken apart the front rack part, painted it, finished the timber bit, painted it, and been for a test ride.  As well as that, life has been continuing on.  I've fixed a few bikes at Wecycle and photographed a few nice old donated machines that have come through.  Sam the painter has been painting the side of the house, and this involved moving and emptying a large homemade wooden box.  The box contained some spokeshaves and saw sets among other stuff that has mostly gone to the op shop.

Anyway, one spokeshave became a model wooden bird which I made by adding a wooden venetian blind to it.  It didn't take long and I put it up at night and was then away the next day.  One of Christine's friends asked what it was and she said she didn't know, maybe Steve has been painting something and left it to dry.  But she is gradually coming round to thinking it might be a bird mobile sculpture. Thing.


Steve Nurse

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