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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Zzipper Fairing Part 1

From the zzipper website, I was expecting to pick up a fairing like the one on this bike, so...
went with this rig to.........
Ian's place to pick it up.
On the way home.

Fairing all rolled up, how I received it from Ian, .......
so I shoulda woulda coulda gone on this one, minus the overstacked stash of DVDs of course.

About a week ago I was offered a Zipper fairing by Pete Heal in Canberra, and I agreed to take it, and it was duly couriered to me via a Temora Audax ride, Ian Boehm and my mule train load carrying bike.

After an email came through saying the fairing was with Ian and that it was in Melbourne , and a bit later another one with Ian's contact details, I rang Ian, and organised to see him the next day.  And my visions of a Zzipper fairing were of something big like that in the top photo. I didn't want to pick it up by car being slightly stubborn, and so put a big tub on the front of my recently completed load bike and headed off at the right time to pick it up, all 6.5k away.  No trouble getting there but the fairing was all rolled up and quite compact!

Ian is preparing for the 2019 Paris Brest Paris Audax ride in August and he showed me the frame of the tandem he is to ride in it with his son.  Good luck Ian!

And the fairing? Well it will take a few days to get round to the next stage which will be to fit it to this trike which was rejigged a few months ago.  The seat this trike is lighter than my standard wooden ones, and the general hope is that new trike plus zipper plus corflute tailbox will still be a light and hopefully aero and fast machine.

Thanks for the fairing Ian & Pete!

This post continued here.


Steve Nurse

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