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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Zzipper Fairing Part 2

Long Cage Derailleur was swapped to.....

Short Cage....

and all these bits which I had made for a completely home made, uncompleted fairing were hauled out of the shed.  The T shaped thing is a 3/16" tap and tap handle. The black rods were fibreglass tent poles like these ones, the open aluminium tubes at the end have been crushed then drilled to take mounting bolts.

This trike was finished a few weeks ago, I put it up on the stand which makes it easier to set things up and test for clearances.

This is how I started building it. Tent poles were shortened ...........
and tapped at the ends to accommodate a screw.

Now comes the rest of it. I like the shadow on the frame which says zipper.

Pictures show the progress on fitting the fairing.  I want to 3d print some brackets to hold the fairing to the stem and will start on that soon. (This post continued here)

Regards  Steve Nurse

Update 18 June, this is some of the bracketing I've made to hold the fairing.  The steerer is a scooter handlebar.
This shows the 3d printed bracket set up with old tent pole pieces, bolts and washers. The design keeps the printed parts in compression
Slightly more low tech, I've now finished the timber pieces which go between the brackets and the fairing.

The brackets assembled to resemble a proto-moon lander.

This post continued here.

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