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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mule Train Part2

Start of the day, flat head bolts are on the green post..........

and mid change, the flat head bolt is moved to below the green post so the for has more movement, and......

some cheapie velcro-type straps were put on the forks as a cushion.

This arrived during the day, a set of folding handlebars, about $aus 30 from this ebay seller. Shown here in riding position, and

Here folded up.

A little bit of extra disassembly, and you can fit them to any 22mm stem.

Bike at the end of the day.

Handlebars mounted.

Working on these as well as the mule train bike.  A couple of recumbent bike seats which started as an order for routing on Sean and Horn for routing at Spacetank Studio.  Will write more about these later.

This shows today's progress on the Mule Train Bike.  The main thing that happened was a pair of folding handlebars arriving, and sofar I'm quite pleased with them.  I wasn't really concentrating on building this bike today (gardening, giving away a trike, working on some tailboxes as well), but that has worked, its given me a bit of space to think about the rest of the design of the bike, which is now mainly timberwork and painting.

Rest in Peace David Gordon Wilson, a fine pioneer of recumbent cycling.


Steve Nurse

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