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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Mule Train Bike

Latest bike rolling off the production line is the "Mule Train" which
.......started with this bike (already much abused, see here for example)
....and is named after the (also an antiquated form of transport) curve Bikes Clydesdale Cargo Fork.
Everything on the bike sofar is made from bits in the shed. This shows the main cantilever beam end (centre), the green support bar, and a bolt that was turned down to go into the green bar.

This is another pair of bolts, one already modified, they were later brazed to the frame, shown here

..... and here.

Jigging to drill the support bar.

Hi, here are a few pics of my latest project, the Mule Train.  I had seen a few pictures of "Clydesdale" bikes, but couldn't find much about them, and then after I had started on this, discovered them to be based on the Clydesdale Cargo fork from Crust Cycles.  Anyway, I've built a version on this bike before which I had forgotten about, and a couple of others as well. I will report further as the project continues.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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