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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Load Carrying Bike

Load Carrying Bike at our local mulch depot.

Industrial chain (bike chain) is used to support the tray at one end....

and a drilled aluminium plate is at the other.  The fork is a 26" MTB fork set up with brakes on the back for a 20" wheel.  This arrangement works to make the fork and wheel the right size for a 24" bike.

For a while, I have had a 24" Victoria separating bike with a 2-speed Sturmey Archer Hub and have also had plans for making it into a load carrying bike.  Also, there are way too many bikes hanging round the house to have one of them not doing anything.  Anyway, needing mulch for our front garden got me motivated to finish the job I'd started.  It didn't take too long but I had a bit done already.

*  Custom fork: this is a 26" fork with brake bosses moved to the back and repositioned to take a 20" wheel.  This ends up being the same size as a 24" fork and wheel, and the new fork makes a good start on a "low gravity" bike.

*  For the tray support, I've used a chain and strip of aluminium plate.  Its very minimalist and I like it.  The support can be categorised as pie tray or cigarette girl tray support, that is, tension cables to the front.  

So the first test went ok, but the front wheel rubs on the bit of wood, and the front brake isn't hooked up yet.  The tray is quite flat, and I'll spend a bit of time making the tray removable so the whole bike can still fit in a suitcase.  Will post more on that as it happens.


Steve Nurse

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