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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Look Mum, I'm in Bris-bane


I am in Sydney at the moment.  The blog title was meant to be ironic because I have some photos of me with the harbor bridge and opera house in the background, but I couldn't upload them.  Whadya want from the free wifi in a youth hostel, Huh?

Anyway, I arrived here by train and am attending a very-belated first academic conference and will be presenting a paper on Friday.  My companion is not a very helpful one, a rickety folding Bickerton which was stuffed in my duffel bag for the trip up.  Unfortunately I  forgot to bring a helmet, so am a bit reluctant to ride on the roads, and am pootling on the footpaths, struggling to carry all the other stuff on my bike.  Gradually getting used to the quirky geography of the Rocks area, which has lanes and stairs, backpackers and shops selling ugh boots. Everywhere.. 

I will report on the conference and upload the photos soon.  (Photos uploaded now.  The photo uploading software and mac-working-as-pc running Explorer don't seem to cooperate.


Steve Nurse

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