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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Two Tilters in St. Kilda

Robert W. and a tilting fixed bottom bracket trike he made from a few months ago, and

 me riding it.
Robert C. riding the new moving bottom bracket version, Alan B. and Glen look on, Voung trike in background.
Easy Peasy for Robert, he rides a moving bottom bracket bike all the time.

Graham S. on a Rans X-stream.  His helmet has front and rear multiple LED lights built in and looks pretty good for use on recumbents.  Graham is a bit of a crowdsourcing fan, and this helmet came through Torch .
Contrasting Vuong and Parellelogram Leaning mechanisms.


Here are a few photos from today's Be-Spon ride.  Glen was riding a new tilting trike which Robert W. had made for him and this made it 2 (!) from different makers in the same spot at the same time.  It has the party trick of being able to stand up by itself at traffic lights by applying the twin back brakes. The ride was very pleasant as always, good to catch up with old friends again. 

Thanks to Robert W. for organising the ride.


Steve Nurse

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