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Friday, September 25, 2015

Personality of Things

Two recent book finds.  I think these might have more personality than an ebook file.  In the board game I designed which is sort-of-things-that-happen-to-me-on-bikes, one of the cards reads "Your Graham Greene Book has been signed by the author, move ahead 2 squares" almost the same as "Found Graham Greene First Edition on dumpster" which is what has happened here!

Back of recent book finds
From the German book documenting 10 years of their HPV organisation:  "You see so many of them these days, I have to make mine look a bit out of the ordinary!"......

and a 2015 equivalent: Spokey Dokes on my leaning trike. 

I have been reflecting on how Stuff seems to be disappearing: we don't need newspapers, books, DVD's or CD's any more because random knowledge, ebooks, movies and video can be delivered to our houses via the internet, and its possible to share a car instead of owning one, and phones have taken on multiple roles including camera, map, fitness tracker, text messager and brag book. 

After pondering this for a while, somebody mentioned this at Uni, and there's an actual name for it, "dematerialization".   More pondering, and I wondered, with all this dematerialization going on, what does it mean for the stuff we still own?  The answer is possibly "more personality please".  If we only have a few items, then those we might want those that we do have to exude personality.  Records, which just say bugger off to any notion of musical compactness, and have room enough to display real artwork seem to defy the dematerialization trend and have started to sell in increasing numbers.

When it comes to bikes, fixie-style bikes seem to offer the most scope for buy-in options with an abundance of colours available.  Or, you can go way over the top with one of those recumbent things.  Add spokey dokes if you find some on the dumpster.


Steve Nurse

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