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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bikes and Beer at Brunswick

Retro-Motorbike inspired e-bike.

Mine was not the only leaning trike,

these 2 dragsters tyrned up but I didn't see them ridden.

My Leaning Trike

Dragster Leaner
Gayle & TJ

Mike, Gayle, TJ

Start of the lowest gear race....

Which included these 2 dragon bikes.

Mike and Gayle battle it out for bragging rights.

Dragon Bikes

My son Ewan, Phoebe in background in red.

Just about every novelty bike competing in the novelty races got a prize. Including mine!  I passed the socks I'd won on to Ewan & Phoebe.

The prize I actually won was a scarf, but I swapped it for the socks this young lady won.
Ewan in the slow race (Flouro helmet)

Small circle race, Penny Farthing hanging in there.

Tandem triplet girls.

A rush on raffle tickets followed some spruiking by Gayle and Kirsteen.

This was the original start line for the skid competition, the start line....

Was later moved back to here.

Raffle presentations with Gayle and Kirsteen

Triple was very ably ridden, even at low speed.

Today was the the first "Bikes and Beers" festival, part of Good Beer Week .  The bike charity I help, Wecycle had a stall there to recruit volunteers. Kirsteen provided the food on the stall and there were several bikes of the sort we repair and give away on display.  One small bike was hooned on and even ridden on by adult riders, and was sold right at the end of the day.  A pleasant day had by all I think, especially some of the organisers who were fuelled up by some of the sponsors product and were singing along to the Dad rock (We are the Champions, Queen, Horses, Darryl Braithwaite etc.) with great gusto by the end. Thanks to all the organisers & volunteers, Regards

Steve Nurse

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