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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Head tube cap

Specialized cap as fitted to my son's mountain bike.

New equivalent through ebay.  The cables fit through, that is a good start.

Old version...

was taken apart revealing the modded star nut.

Messing around with cables.

New top cap, and my home modded version.

Test ride, it works!

The whole trike


In some ways I'm not up to date with bikes, and a few weeks ago I saw my son and daughter-in-laws 1 x 11 mountain bike.  This had a few features I'd never seen live on a bike, like thru bolts on wheels, and a "star type" head tube top cap.  The star cap made the whole headset area hollow and liable to get gunk in, and maybe not advisable in a mountain bike.  But maybe there was some saving of weight involved, I'm not sure.  Anyway, for my trike where I have the cables running through the fork tube, the Specialized type top cap looked good, and with my son's help found some of them on ebay.  There was another type (six holes) as well as the Specialized type (five holes), and I opted for the 6 hole type.

Anyway, today they arrived, and I got onto fitting one to a bike, and it all went well after all the work threading cables.  The new headset top cap works well and looks good and is something professionally made that does the job.  Woohhoo!

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