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Saturday, April 13, 2019

New trike on the road

Setup for changed seat post

Marking up the new seatpost

Sawing the new seatpost

Seatpost mostly finished

Bike mostly finished,

And after a few test runs

Front view
Seat mount detail
After a blocky, photo Christine Nurse


A few months after receiving some parts from Emona , I have finished the bike they were intended for, at least for the time being.  In the last week, I have replaced the first have-a-go seatpost with a new one, slightly longer and sloping to the back more to be more in compression than the previous one.  I started by chocking up the seat with a bit of frame material which was about the right amount from my estimates to put it on the right slope.  I measured up a new seatpost from that setup, then drilled, sawed and filed it out. 

And its all done now making my count of running bikes of this type 3, or about 1 too many for me to have.  2 is fine, I can be modding one while the other is still on the road.

The carbon fibre prints are great, but the design isn't perfect, and there are a few angles, features and distances to adjust.  If I redid the parts, it might be made with glass fibre, not carbon fibre, that could  be cheaper and still strong enough. I see these parts as a bit of a crack to ways of supporting hardshell seats on rectangular frames, and I might have a go at making a mount using some metal parts and my home 3d printer.

Meanwhile a bit of pootling on the internet has found whole bike frames being made using this carbon fibre printing method.  The world is a new place.


Steve Nurse

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