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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Ebike steerer mod

Scooter bits and 32mm adjustable steerer

Removing reinforcements from scooter fork

Setting up fork for brazing with 32mm mild steel tube.

Brazed part

Painted part
Brought the bike inside on a hot day to finish it off

Stripping brake and gearchange cables from the old setup

Aluminium shim beefs up the 1" od fork top to 1 1/8" to take the adjustable stem

Bit of finishing off, I swapped the pedals over for ones with reflectors but the threaded shaft stuck out a bit in one side, so off it comes with the angle grinder.

There, I fixed it.

A few weeks ago, I worked on a bike and did a sample job on the steerer, changing the steerer holder from a 25mm to a 32mm adjustable stem. This has proved to be reliable, so I bought a few more stems from ebay and have now changed my electric bike over to the same system. The above pics show the conversion process. The job of swapping over was held off until a hot day when I sheltered from 41 degrees C inside.  There have been several recent hot days here (it is summer after all), but some days broke Australian average record temps, starting or spreading bushfires across 3 states.

A brief ride confirmed everything's ok and now there is just a bit of tweaking of the handlebar position to do. The major problem that was there previously is gone now, that was the steerer flopping down during riding.

Its good to have the electric bike but don't use it all the time.  If I'm tired or the weather is a bit extreme or I just don't want to beat myself up too much it gets a go.

There are a few more mods I can do to hide away the wiring on the ebike, but I'm happy with things for the moment.


Steve Nurse

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