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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Buckley's Ride Preview

Saturday evening at our place, blogging, measuring and modding a trike, knitting and watching Killing Eve on ABC Iview

New Audax bling (top and bottom) which can be added to my display .
Shoe dilemma!  If anyone knows of mtb shoes with the cleat up near the toe (lower shoe) please let me know. The shoes are Fluid from Anaconda which are no longer sold there. I have 2 pairs of the Anaconda shoes, both pairs falling apart to a greater or lesser extent.
Hi, I've been doing a bit of bike prep lately, with a few Audax bike rides booked in.  First up I have Buckley's ride on Jan 5 which is a flat 200k, and then the big one, the Murray 1200k which takes place on March 14.  I've done both of these before, and Buckley's ride (or Around the Bay in a Day which has the same route) many times.  The Murray 1200 was long and hard last time, and I know that it will be hard work no matter how good the body and how good the bike.

So up to now its been bike improvements with not much training except for routine ride to shops and about a 20k round trip to study at Tafe twice a week.  Improvements already done and to come on the bike are:

Fairing: reinstalled today.  It makes the trike go faster I'm pretty sure, and has no effect on speed on the flat.  It protects the messy bits of the bike like the chain and the derailleur from the wind and as already proved should be good for rain and sun protection.

Rear wheel covers: plan to make some out of corflute, white gaffer tape and some 3d printer bits.

Tailbox switcheroo. Already done, the lightest tailbox with the lightest corflute side plates is on the bike.

Head fairing for tailbox: this should be quite light and easy to build.

Lights: I don't think I will have a generator on the bike for the Murray 1200 so have ordered six lights from China as recommended by Dome and Pete Heal and they should be good enough for the stints of night and early morning riding. Will report on them when they arrive, and I need a rear reflector.

Drink bottle holder, not too hard, I have done a few of these before and have a standard design.

New front tyre.  I have a few of these spare, the one I have fitted is a bit manky.

That's it, will report on any exciting or new developments, and Buckley's ride in just over a week.


Steve Nurse

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