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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Wheel Discs

3d printed parts
Thin clear tape is used....
to hold them to the rim, these 2 are close spaced near the valve hole,

....... and this is the complete setup.
Corflute screwed to orange 3d printed bosses
Tape added
Tape trimmed and rolled over inside the rim.
Added and taped the other side. This shows the bomb door for valve access which can be screwed shut and taped over.
Training ride: single speed bike in Lorne after training ride from Airies Inlet.  There were a few bikes on the road and I passed none of them. Bike is my brother's, frame bag is my son Ewan's.

Ewan , Phoebe, Johnny, Christine and Oscar the dog kicked back and played the quite complicated game Photosynthesis while I made the wheel thingies.

Hi, As mentioned last time, I planned to make some wheel covers, and this post shows the finished parts. Quite happy with the result, I will have to wait and see how they go. I designed the 3d printed parts at home using Solidworks, then printed them on my Cetus 3d printer.

As well as make stuff for the bike, I actually did some training this morning and rode to Lorne on my brother's single speed clunker which is about a 40k round trip.
Best Wishes, Regards

Steve Nurse

Here is a pic of the trike with the wheels on at the boulevarde in Kew. This was one of the 5 or 6 cyclists I could outpace on the road which consists of rolling hills next to the Yarra. Managed three laps or about 50k as a training ride.

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