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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Bike Switcheroo

Bikes before tailbox swap
Prep work: Scooter fork modified with extra 32mm tube.

New steerer Assembly

Assembly parts, old handlebar clamp (right) needed modification, new clamp as per this link goes on without mods.
New and old style steerer mounts.
Plastic milk bottles as drink bottle holder and drink bottle.

Aluminium washer inside bottle holder

Checking new and old locks for grammage damage.
Glue inside tee nut means drink bottle holder should remain secure.
Holder as pocket.

Holder with drink bottle

Nude trike, no seat

Trike with lighter tailbox

Modded spare tube storage box.

New 3d printed stopper
Nightshift changing handlebar extensions and gearlever.

At Wecycle, it went well on this test ride.


For the last week or so I've been switching parts on one of my bikes, making sure its the best and lightest thing I can get for the OzHpv challenge which is coming up in a week. This has meant:

Swapping tailboxes
Swapping locks
Installing pocket in tailbox
Installing more secure steerer mount
Add velcro to tube storage box so lid stays on.
Fixing puncture
Replacing tyre
Replacing printed frame plug
Replacing Brake Cables
Replacing gearshift lever
Tuning brakes.

So quite a bit and I actually started a month or so, making a new steerer mount using a new adjustable 32mm handlebar stem.  The old stem used for the equivalent part was for a 25.4mm handlebar, and needed to be hacked and filed before use.  This one is better, more secure and can be used without mods.

The tailbox came from my electric trike and saves about 1.1 kg through use of lightweight corflute panels.  A lock I put together (is pathetic but) saves another 100g or so.

The gearchanger I had was quite short and stubby and took effort to change.  Swapping handlebar extensions means a longer changer lever will fit in.

The cable routing is a bit torturous and I had to oil the cables to let them run smoothly.

Very happy now and looking forward to riding it on a short tour next week and straight after that at the challenge.  To be a bit faster I could have put the fairing back on again but I will be taking the bike on the train and don't feel comfortable doing that with the fairing fitted.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

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