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Monday, November 11, 2019

OzHpv Challenge 2019, Day 1 Saturday. Speed!

Start of day at base camp

Rob L. road race

Rob's front wheel drive raptor

Briefing before start.

Dome Deli

Criterium start

Dome, Rob, Simon

G-trikes crew

William and Tim run the computers

Sarah needs to race next year!

Velo lineup

Tim C, road race

Sam Duttli dominated racing on day 1.  In the road race he couldn't see due to the rain for 1/2 a lap so stopped and removed the windshield, and still won!

Tim M, and Simon W.

Dome and Rob's bikes

William, Road race

Geoff, road race

Rob L. road race

Jamie Friday had won several Challenges like this one in Wodonga in this bike.

Back at Belmont Scout Hall base camp, a game of cards before turning in.


This posts continues on from Fridays post about bike touring here.

After a good nights sleep at the Belmont Scout hall we headed down to the track a few minutes away. And its a very quick downhill and only 4 streets away.

Here are Saturday's challenge pics, a few of them taken during the road race. My placing was quite secure, ahead of William and Jamie and behind everyone else, so was able to take a few pics without losing Challenge points.

Here is the video I took on the day, Tim C v. Ben P. in the drag race final. Will post more later.

This series of posts is continued here with day 2 of the Challenge.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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