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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

OzHpv Challenge 2019 Day 2 Sunday. Slow!

Dome and his Baron bike next to the Stevemachine, Belmont Scout Hall

Early morning coffee at Peter G's, thanks Peter!

Just one of Peter's many bikes and trikes, a nicely restored single speed in the lounge room. He said it is super wobbly.
Phillipe, a master at the bicycle slow race,

Ewan , not quite so good,

but all were beaten by The Zen Master of the Slow Race, William R. , as shown in this video.

Dom, Shopping Race

Dom, Shopping race

Geoff, shopping race

Phillipe borrowed Tim;s rig for the Sunday events

Ewan, shopping victory ride

William, Go to Whoa

Tim, Go to Whoa

William, Bob trailer with lugs on back meaning another one can be fitted behind.

Philipe Slalom

Philipe Slalom

William Slalom

Ewan Slalom

Prep for go to whoa
Ex-Masters Champion Graham S.

Masters Champion Trophy handover

And the winners are! Courtesy Tim via facebook.
(Continued from here) After a quiet night and good sleep and pack up at the scout hall we headed off to Peter G's house who lives "just on the way to the track" in Belmont for coffee, Dom and I on bikes and Geoff in the car. Tim called in briefly but he was watching the clock and needed to open up the track. Peter was not very impressed by the state of roads in Geelong and I could relate to that given our experience rolling in to Geelong on Friday.

At the track, my son Ewan was already there warming up for the obstacle / off road, go to whoa, shopping, slow and twin slalom races to follow. There were six of us competing, and previous Masters Champion Graham Signiorini turned up to help officiate and hand over his trophy.

The events all went well and were keenly competed however, I must admit that I found some of the slow races excruciatingly well, er, slow. Perhaps they might have passed quicker if I had a deck chair and Sudoku to while away the time while watching (in particular) William and Geoff exchanging the race slowership in subsequent battles. The action packed shopping races took less time for each run.

After the events, Tim started tallying results and I went to the bakery and supermarket across the road and bought everybody a lunch of pies, coffee scrolls, chocolate milk, custard tarts and orange juice. This was my "event sponsorship", Simon W. had chipped in with an entry he didn't use,  Dom had organised the scout hall and provided breakfast for 2 days, Tim had organised the event, and William donated his timing services, so it was just me doing my bit.

After the presentations, Ewan and I got on the quite busy train back to Melbourne, getting off at Footscray, and riding the few k's on lightly trafficked bike paths back to his place.  From there I continued on home.  I got the same question about my bike at both South Geelong and Footscray stations, "What's it for?" and the answer stayed the same, "Just Transport".

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