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Monday, November 11, 2019

Touring Friday

Jamie on the tailbox repair
Not your typical bike repair, repaired taiilbox used scrap timber and whatever screws could be found.
Jamie, cafe in Bellbrae near Bells Beach, we were discussing the stopping of old growth forest logging and fork offset and trail on bicycles.
Geoff at Belmont Scout Hall
Domes setup
At the Belmont RSL.  After the lottery hopefuls had all cleared out we got a table. Here the top-secret discussion and sketch is centred around "using less energy in Speedbikes"

I will write a bit more here later but this post carries on from Thursdays post here, and continues on with the OzHpv challenge day 1 here.

After the long day of riding on Thursday , we took it easy on Friday morning, finishing drying things and repairing my tailbox with scraps of wood, screws, glue, drills and saws from the garage of our accommodation. The end result was pretty good and should last a while.  About 1:30 we headed off for Geelong with occasional showers substituting for the steady rain of the day before. Mostly we could take shelter, and our only real stop on the way back was for a pleasant snack and coffee at the Bowside Cafe at the top of the rolling hills in to Torquay.

There's real expansion between Torquay and Geelong, and that included an entire shopping and industrial area with an Aldi just before Bunnings on the Surfcoast highway. There were several major sets of roadwork that forced us in to a single lane with the cars, and the cars stayed politely behind us. Jamie punctured his back tyre on the second of these single lanes and was forced to ride on the rim for a bit till he could get out of the traffic lane.

He thought the tube and tyre were completely wrecked and I went on ahead, looking for Hendrick's bike shop under Jamies smartphone directions.  Couldn't find it and was about to ring Jamie when he rang me, he'd fixed the tyre, and would meet me at the Russell Mockbridge Pavillion ,   which was to be recumbent race HQ for the next two days.  There was no one there, unsurprising in the continuing shXXX not very nice weather, so it was a trudge and ride up the Belmont Hill where (Halleluyah) we met Dome and Geoff and our accommodation for the night, the Belmont Scout Hall.

There was an arrangement to meet a few other riff raff at the Geelong RSL, and we were neatly ferried there by car when the time came.The club was packed as all the local members had packed in for the Jackpot Draw which is for members only, and you have to be there!  We stood around waiting and drinking beer waiting for all the prizes to be drawn - and then it was like puing a plug on a sink with everyone disappearing! 

We got our table, ordered our (mostly) chicken parmagarma meals and started yarning.

Tim is keen to enter bikes at Battle Mountain, so discussion centred mainly on that. After dinner it was back to the Scout Hall for a fairly early night. This series of posts is continued on here.

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