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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Jacarandas in Melbourne

At Wecycle, Jamie Friday drops some wheels off in his load carrying trike. Jacaranda in purple in background at left.

East end of Abbott Grove

North End of Abbott Grove

We're well in to December now, and the year's not far from over, and as usual the Jacaranda trees are all out with their purple flowers. They are a delight when riding round the streets and I'm slowly memorising where they are. One at each end of our street for starters!  There was one out in Northcote where I was volunteering fixing bikes at Wecycle today.  Quite an impressive array of bikes out on the grass today, but somehow they have to all fit back inside. Anyway, I fixed up a kid's Byk, and half did a flouro-green vintage mountain bike.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

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