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Monday, May 4, 2020

NC Routed Adapters

Sheets of NC routed plywood at Sean and Horn resulted in..
this new crate adapter.
The bike whose frame I straightened here is taking shape, I have replaced the generator lights front and back with battery lights,
And here it is with the new crate adapters fitted and in portrait mode, the back adapter acts as a stand.
New additions to the stable which (of course) need fixing, are this one, a
"FU 22/5", or "Edithvale FU" after the suburb I got it from (another one is mentioned here, and they say "Perhaps FU stands for Fold-Up, 22/5 being 22 inch wheels, 5 speed. I have not seen that before. I have heard people say "F You" meaning something else". Never a truer word was spoken)
And this one, Edithvale Vale Blue with a paint job I really like!
Some rusty tools and a mouldy old saddle bag came with Edithvale blue
Rear lighting wiring I've never seen before on Edithvale blue. Other bikes have had the wiring tucked into the folded edge of the mudguard.

Non-original Shimano derailleur on Edithvale Blue

Rust parts soaking in vinegar and water. This is more a test of the process than actually needing the parts restored.
Pics say it all, some of my work of the last few days

regards  Steve Nurse

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