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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

3d printed bike taillights

Modern-day ad for Peugeot 404 wagon Circa 1967 featuring taillights
Prior experience! 3d printed light mount for my fred bikes recumbent

Busted Tailllight from Peugeot NS22 bike
Some cleaning so existing parts can be traced and measured and replacements made
New Taillight base and old lens / reflector (top) , and raft / support material from 3d print (below)
Finished assembly.
Next Project!  Below are some different Peugeot bike taillights with good bases and reflectors but lacking lens covers.......
or be a heathen and just use this one from the shed!  Its only a reflector, not a taillight lens but seems to look and fit ok on the bikes.

In the 1980's my brother Richard was a motor mechanic and collected or rather shuffled through a series of Peugeot 404 cars including the rare but hugely practical 404 wagon.  And I remember, the taillights were always a problem with these cars. They broke or cracked, but needed to be intact for roadworthy certificates, and were hard to find secondhand and hideously expensive when bought new from France.

So now decades later, I am facing my own Peugeot taillight dilemma, or rather just working with the lights in restoring some old NS22 Peugeot bikes (no roadworthy required!).  From Edithvale a few weeks ago, I purchased some old bikes and am in the process of doing up the white one. Both taillight bases were shot, and only one taillight lens was intact.

The pics above show the result of my Solidworks and 3d printing skills, designing and making a new base for the taillight. I have more busted taillights for the NS22's in a different style and might have a go at printing new lamp covers for them.  I'm pleased and encouraged with the results sofar

Regards  Steve Nurse

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