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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Links to my bike related designs







This post is a place holder to start with, and I will gradually add more links. For now, here is a link to body inertia braking for recumbents and the latest on my new bike with frame-enclosed rear suspension .

Shelf / Glove box inside front fairing.

Inner trailer, fits between the wheels of a long wheelbase bike. 

Helmet mirror, links to helmet parts on thingiverse

Small at the back, a rant discussion about the merits of large tailboxes on recumbents for aerodynamics and storage.

Summary of making crate adapters for Peugeot NS22's

Typical steerer from scooter parts.

Helmet with visor mirror on thingiverse

Trike frame from single unmodified aluminium extrusion piece (beer bike

DIY front wheel drive forks for fixed bottom bracket bikes.


Steve Nurse



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