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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

New Bike Part 8: on the road


Back of the frame.

Fork detail, the white parts are plastic spacers which slide on the inside of the frame and keep the fork in the centre of the frame. rubber blocks can be seen top and bottom.

Front derailleur, a large lower jockey pulley has been swapped out for a smaller wheel. That meant the chain wasn't being pinched when changing into low gears.


My new bike's on the road, and I took it on a 3-4k ride today, and took the opportunity to take a few photos. It was actually going on Monday, but it was really only limping, the brakes adjusting, gears and steering all needed adjusting, and I've finished that now. There is still more work to be done.

I want to design and print new rear fork spacers, bog and paint the fork and make a new tailbox. As well I want to weigh a few parts and compare them with eqivalent leaning trike parts.

All for now

Regards Steve nurse 

Update Sep 16

Designing MK2 version of spacer parts.
Solidworks has a nice mirror function so its not necessary to....

design left hand and

right hand versions from scratch

Printing on Cetus 3d printer.

Reassembled fork with new spacers. There are pins in the prong which stop them sliding on their shaft.


This shows today's work very happy with results and I went for a ride of about 10k up to Kew Boulevarde. Fun to ride!

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