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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

New Bike Part 7

How the bike is now.


Squaring the rear fork by placing a straight edge on the rim.

Aligning to the front part of the fork.

Bike with seat from this bike and rear fork in place. The seat is too far forward, and soon I'll be redoing the seat support beam (its from the same material as the frame) so its more vertical and the seat can go back.

Rear fork mech. I have put F clamps on the frame, and they are supporting the mech. I am still working out a few details.


This post is about finishing off the bike's rear fork. Its all brazed up and straight now but I still need to find a way of pinning it to the frame. As a bit of relief I've started working on the front derailleur, chain and seat and should have them in place soon.

Seat support mock-up. I've repositioned the seat support (its made from the same stuff as the frame) and clamped it to the frame.

View from top

Sawing to marked position

Drilling jig

And all put back together.

Update 12 Sep 2021

Good progress today, I now only need to connect brake and gear cables and I will be ready for a short test ride.

Regards Steve Nurse

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  1. Looks good Steve, you need to get an AC/DC tig welder so you can weld aluminium.

    1. Thank Brad, good to hear from you! At the moment I'm quite happy without the aluminium welding. I have only ever got the hang of brazing - I'm not sure the rear triangle i've built will hack it and would be even less sure about an aluminium one. Regards Steve