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Friday, September 3, 2021

New Bike Part 5


Some work on the shed, I made the rod at the top which sits on pins and keeps the door open. The 2 milkcrates with stuff on top used to do this job badly and would blow out of the way on windy days.

Front shed tidy up. All the plywood had been on the ground, and now its quite tidy.

And finally some work on the bike. The stick of wood at the base keeps the 2 wheels in line, and soon I'll be able to put the rear fork in place so it can be tacked up and finally completed.


Good progress on the bike today, a few hours were spent tidying things, and soon I'll be ready to finish the rear fork.  

We have every right to feel depressed here in Melbourne now, Coronavirus numbers are up, and its been raining all afternoon, but I'm feeling ok having got a few jobs out of the way.


Steve Nurse

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