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Saturday, September 4, 2021

New Bike Part 6

Rear fork with newly 3d printed spacers. These stop the prong of the fork from being loose inside the frame. They were my plan B.

Here it is inside the frame, and

with half of the spacer exposed.

Slept on it last night and decided to use these aluminium beams as frame jigs.

Here's the new jig on the bike, holding the back wheel  in position,

and as I left things at day's end, with 2 tubes braze-tacked onto a cross piece. Some parts are still bolted together. Next step

This was my plan "A", I had planned to cut plastic from these upcycled storage bins to make spacers for the rear fork. But it looks like 3d printing will be simpler and easier.


Here is today's progress on the bike and I am quite pleased! After thinking about it overnight, I decided to use an aluminium jig to hold the back wheel in place, and flattened the tyres before clamping it to the rims. This morning I designed and printed a few spacers so the rear wheel fork would not waggle inside the frame.

By this afternoon, I had all the bits together and was able to tack some of the rear fork together. Tomorrows job will be to finishbrazing the fork.  I plan to redesign the plastic fork spacers but am happy with the job my trial versions have done.



Steve Nurse 

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