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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, Specialized Hard rock

As traded but chain is removed


With handlebar extenders, they work well for this sort of thing, inverting the bike for service and repair

I didn't know what these do-dahs (Sugino Autex crank bolts) were but looked them up on the internet and 

found some new- old - stock versions on ebay. A solid steel bolt cover allows the cranks to self-extract. You just keep turning the crank bolts after they hit the cover, which then pushes the pedal off. Saves carrying a crank extraction tool.

Eveready light

Sharkfin frame protector and

gunk deflector.

Chain, nicely cleaned up after

dowsing in vinegar, then kero, then pressure spraying with water and finally running through a chain cleaner.

Concerned Off Road Bicyclists Association sticker, they are still around today in the USA. I think this sticker dates the bike to after 1987.

and this dates the bike as fter 1990, its from True Wheel Cycles in Mullumbimby

Cleaned up chainring

Handlebars stripped, cleaned, replaced.

Handbrakes were covered in a gunk-like substance which may once have been rubber. It had the llok and feel of licorice.


Progress sofar on resurrecting this Specialized Hard Rock bike which came from our friend Rita. A restoration would involve more work, polishing every part to a sparkling cleanliness. I'm aiming to get it working well and will be cleaning the bottom bracket soon.

Update September 15: Rita came round again and I asked her about the bike. She'd got it from a friend in Mullumbimby where she used it on trails and around town, then took it down to Melbourne. She was put off commuting by horrendous traffic on Sydney road and it fell into disrepair.

Regards  Steve Nurse

Handover to Wecycle. During the ride I had discovered the handlebars and bell were slightly loose so I fixed them. As well I attached the checking tag, and picked up another bike requiring attention, a Tourex.

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