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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tailbox and Fairing Shelf


Repositioned brake cables don't interfere with the Garmin so much.

Preparing to work on brake cables.

The first load for the parcel shelf.

Actually out and about, depositing some Garlic Chive seed at a local seed library.

Bosses for shelf in place at the ends of the timber fairing support hoop.

Cutting timber for bosses.

Retiring the "old" speedo

Drink bottle and mat in place

Drink bottleholder and mat.

Drink bottle holder screw.

Old drink bottle holder nut

New drink bottle holder nut: T-nut in timber surround.

Ventisit pad for tailbox - top with stitching hidden,

and bottom showing stitching.


For a while I have been wanting to complete the Great Southern Randonee and have started training and working on my bike as part of attempting this year's ride. During training I get a bit of time to think, and in the last few rides resolved to use a bit of dead space inside the fairing.  

So I have made a corflute shelf, and the intention is that this be used for storing food to be ridden while riding on long stretches.

And I've just started using my Garmin regularly. The speedo I had on wasn't reliable, and it's better that I practice using the garmin as I will eventually navigate with it on longer rides.  To better accommodate the garmin, I've rearranged the brake cables, moving them above the steerer.

 I extended the Ventsit padding in the tailbox, and lastly for this set of mods,  made a new mount for the drink bottle holder. This means the holder can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement. The holder and bottle are both made from old 2 litre milk bottles, with a bit of extra hardware (cable gland and plastic tube) available from hardware chains such as Bunnings.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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