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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Tailbox and New Thingiverse Files


2d cad design for tailbox with scoring pattern at bottom.

Scoring the corflute. A straight edge clamped on the sheet is used as a guide for scoring, and then used for bending the sheet.

Folding the sheet, and using

this 3d printed clamp to form the sheet.

The clamps with screws and a piercing tool made from a spoke.

This arrangement has been in the trike for a while and is...

a simplification and strengthening of ....

previous ....



The pictures show the new bike tail fairing I've been making.  And the spacers I've put on the trike frame have now been written into the plans for the trike on thingiverse.

Hopefully I will finish and test the new tailfairing within a few days as I am booked in for a 200k flat Audax ride next weekend.


 Steve Nurse 

Update May 4 2021

With the underside positioned in the right place, I've marked out the top side, so it can be trimmed with enough space left to hold it to the seat.

This tab will be folded over, pierced, and screwed to the seat, 

like this.


Nightshift. Outline of the top of the 'box is cut out now.



Here are the photos of today's building. The bottom part of the fairing is built, and the top is ready for bending and attaching to the trike. For the most part it is for Audax riding where load carrying is not so important, and aerodynamics and light weight can be important.

My planned schedule for rides leading up to qualification for the great Southern Randonee are

May 8, 200k in Cobram, Vic (Flat, hopefully fast, the aero will help.)

May 25, 300k, Port Fairy to Anglesea. (300k, Hilly, aero and reduced weight will be important.)

Jun 19 and 20, 600k Around Temora (GSR Qualifier, mostly flat, the improved aero should help.

The GSR itself is not till November and some more eserious training will need to be done before then.


Steve Nurse


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