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Friday, May 21, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, Bikes 14, 15, 16


Here's the bike after cleanup, its almost ready to go. Front rack is from a Peugeot NS22, and since this photo was taken I've added a load carrying crate. Will add a photo of this later.

Bike 16 had been left outside the shed and was looking very sad and dirty. I decided to take it home and fix it. By the time it had left the shed it had been cleaned, and the front 27" tyre had been swapped over for a new one. Surprisingly, the very manky rear tyre holds air. A bit more work required and I will report more later.

Hub cleaners on the Oz Cycle

Crate on the front of the bike. I rode it up to the Wecycle shed on July 3 and was able to drop in on the start of the Darebin Bug Sea Cruise Ride where friends George, John, Faye and David were gathered. Quite a sociable way to begin a Saturday. When I was at Wecycle, I traded this one in for another rideable but needs-fixing-up bike, a Giant Sedona.

This plate helps secure the crate. Note multilingual instructions (scratched in arrow)

All the wooden bits that hold the crate on.

Cleaned up Oz Cycle with front rack from Peugeot NS22

Bike 14 is a particularly nice Peugeot NS22 which had been donated to the shed a few months ago. Eventually some new tyres came in for it, and I put my hand up to fix it.  There was some stylish rim tape left over, and I put a finishing touch on the bike by ...

using it as hub cleaners front and back.

NS22 report card

Ready to go.

Very nice small bike donated by Jeremy. It is a German brand, has 3 brakes, a hub gear and working hub dynamo. Jeremy dropped it at our place by bike trailer.  The next day I pushed it up to Wecycle while riding my recumbent. It needed a new chain and a bit of a clean and that was about it. Bike 15.

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