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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, bike 11.


Interesting tensioner on the

rear cantilever brake.

Nice cable guides too, and the

cable guides are all away from the down tube.

Bike set up for fixing in front of Saturday night TV, this is "Death in Paradise".

Nice turnout at Wecycle today, we helped quite a few people out with their bikes at the Darebin Free Monthly Bike Check

An Obike on Offer, It was an hard rubbish I think.


Yesterday was a bike check day at the Wecycle Charity where I spend most Saturdays, so it was quite busy. Late in the day, a couple fron Balwyn came in and donated 4 bikes, which all looked like good mountain bikes.  

One in particular, The Wheeler was good and close to being ready, so I decided to take it home with me. At home I set about fixing. The cable ends were frayed and I put stops on the end of them, and the pedals had way out of date toe straps, and I removed them. Added a bell as well.

Tomorrow, I plan to take the Wheeler back to Wecycle and maybe swap over for another bike to fix. Will have to add front and back reflectors.


Steve Nurse

Here is some of the business end of the Wecycle operation, Jackie checking out the Wheeler's size while Mike works out who it could be allocated to.

Mike, Gian, Jackie


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