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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Beer Bike on the Road

The trike in bits, it was made as a research trike for my master's degree which is documented here . There are details on page 64 and 94.  The frame (bottom of pic) is plain, straight, undrilled aluminium section originally designed for a bus.
Brackets for the tray and the raw material.

Brackets in Place
Load tray.  Its held onto the bike by the brackets on the front, a triathlon handlebar extension bracket in the middle and....
a wooden prop at the back.
Trike with tray.
Trike with tray and esky
Out for its first test ride.  

As I mentioned last time I have been working on a trike which has been around the side of the house, not being used and covered with dust from a building project next door.  As well as the trike I had an old esky and it seemed reasonable to revive both and marry the two up. This really just meant designing the flat load carrying area to carry the esky.  Of course the esky can be removed and the trike can just carry anything else that will fit.  A dog?  A weeks shopping?

And the esky can be used to carry something else than beer and ice, like maybe icecream or food. Nah, only kidding about that last one.

Anyway, all jokes aside, the trike is lots of fun to ride and cruising around on a non motorised potentially beer carrying machine is a hoot.  Believe it a or not there are motorised versions out there.  To each their own!


Steve Nurse

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